Home Weather Station

Tips on Starting a Home weather Station

The major function of a weather station is for the meteorologist to record as well as make analysis of the data. One can on the other hand build a station at home, where one can keep the records of the measurements taken. This will enable one have an experience in the changing weather patterns.

Since the weather changes take place from outside, the station at home needs to be in a weather proof box, placed outside the house. This will therefore require a thermometer attached at the bottom of the box. The box should then be turned round, in a way that a thermometer will be at the back of the box, to protect it from direct conditions of the weather.

Take the box out and place it on a sturdy location, at the north of a building. Position the box securely besides a building, on a brick foundation.

A weather journal should also be included, for keeping records of the weather. Therefore, a good journal entails details of the weather. The barometers should be included for the home weather station. Due to the barometer being sensitive to the changing weather, it is advisable to keep it indoors, for readings that are more accurate.

The rain gauge should be kept outdoors and not inside the weather proof box. It is advisable to keep them near each other, for easier recording of data. The weather vane also known as the wind indicator is shows the direction of the wind.